❥ツᘉuℛ ᗩziℰℛᗩツ❥


I was born on 31 July 1995,, at Dungun,, Terengganu^_^

Dungun,, Terengganu is my hometown and Malaysia is my country~

I'm the fourth from six member of my siblings... So,, i have two brother,, a sister and two younger sister.. Love my dad and my mom so much..

 Reading is a gift -- a gift with many benefits. I'm not nerd,, okay!!

Self-Camera Queen!! I just like Hyo Yeon (SNSD) and Hyo Min (T-ara),, because they knows as the "Self-Cam Queen"

Islam is the way of life.. i ALLAH

You,, my 9 dream girl and cute~ Hyo Yeon is my lovely unnie,, dancing queen.. Tae Yeon,, responsible leader and powerful vocal.. Jessica my sexy body and my lovely princess ice.. Sunny the cutest aegyo Queen.. Tiffany the cutest eye smile.. Yuri the natural beauty.. SooYoung the naughty and playful girl.. YoonA the most gorgeous.. SeoHyun the chubby and charming maknae.. Saranghae SNSD.. SNSD,, Fighting!!!

My Souls and my heart : Grenade,, We are never ever getting back together,, Crazier,, Blue,, Perfect two and Say hello to good bye..


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