♥mY ♕&♔,, mY idOl♥


I could only see
but can not touch you
I can only listen to your songs
but I can feel you here

My idea just wish you were here
feel, and feel you by my side
hope you're forever here
and do not want you to go

I hope someday
either do not know when it
I can see you
I hope that's happened

oh you're my idol
whether someday
you'll come to you on this your fans?
who is always faithful hoping you come
Are you going to sing your song for me?
and whether you're going to stay here?

I hope all of that
will occur
and it was not a dream
but the fact that there

♕My unnie,, my oppa... Always hold the promise to make us as fans always in happiness.. Fighting!!

♕My angel,, My baby.. How adorable you made me go OThOO...

♕ Both of you are an awesome, do know that :).. Running Man daebak!!

♕Always work together to spread happiness to their's fans...

♕ I can say you're perfect like angel from heaven :)

♕Your smiling like machine,, the cassiopea and kamilia are the engine..

♕ Your smile are making me feel like in heaven because your smile shines like a diamond.. ^^

oh you're my idol