Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Love Is.......

Love is... the best medicine!
When I’m sick, you’re my best medicine… and I’m addicted!

Love is... being with you all the time!
Love is... being stubborn
We all fight sometimes and likes to be stubborn when we both wish for the same thing, just for the other side to do the smallest thing to cheer each other up and everything would've been ok. Be the first one to give the first hug, or the first smile!
Love is... Laughing together with you till our stomach hurts
Love is… Magic
Love is... 1 plus 1
2 people rowing the same boat
Spam messages...
I hate spam msgs… haha destroys all my hopes and dreams!
Happy SMS
This is me most of the time at night, I make sure the phone’s like right next to my ear so I don’t miss any call or messages hehe. Gives me a smile each time~
Love is... Thinking of you
Thinking of you all the time..
Just an idea that popped into my brain when I was out and had to go to the washroom
Happy Valentine's Day
Love is... hiding together.
Ever felt so down you just want to hide in a hole?
I’ll hide with you!
Love is... thinking of you.
Thinking of you gives me energy to keep working hard!
Love is... appreciation.
It always feels great when someone appreciates what you do, and it’s just as great if you show them that you appreciate them too!
Love is... strength.
being strong and forgetting about everything else when I’m with you 
Love is... cooking.
I will eat instant noodles when alone, actually it’s for the sake of saving money to treat you with great meal
Love is... war.
Ok... ok!! You win you win!!
Love is... eating
Two people eat together until Big Fat..
Love is... sometimes...
You addicted with the TV Drama Series, no matter how sensible,I would want to chat with you in the side and waiting..
Love is... courage.
In fact, I’m very timid, but in front of you, I will be brave, I will protect you – forever!
 Love is... Impatience
I will be waiting for you patiently, but why are you so late to come!
Love is... patience.
Love is... giving.
I’m cold, but you’re cold too, I will resolutely take off my coat for you.

Love is... cuddling.
Cuddling you is the best thing in the world
Sometimes I jump into bed just to think of you...