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Cinta Setia Hujung Nyawa... Insyallah~

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera...

Cinta Setia Hujung Nyawa tajuk entry zira pada kali nie.. hehe.. Teringat plak cerita 'Setia Hujung Nyawa yang ditayangkan kat tv3 tu.. Sweet kot cerita dye.. Amar Asraf...,, You're soooo sweeettt lam cerita tu... Kan best dapat future husband macam tu..haha.. Berangan jew lebih.... Hidup di alam fantasy lah bleh dikatakan... Berangan dlm mimpi y xnyata... Terang lagi bersuluh..hahaha..

My latest edition... haha... oklah kan..hehe... 
Sedang asyik menconteng entry y baru nie,, zira teringat plak cerita Jepun,, "I Give My First Love to You"
Amazing love story!! And Really Sad!! Make me laugh and cry so much :') Inoue Mao its my favorite japanese actress she is so talented and cute<3 Masaki Okada its a great actor and really handsome here xD They look really good together<3

Kaluw kowg nak tgok full movie,, just click the picture down below ^_^

oku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu

Watching this movie though me about the value of life, love, friend and hope.

“My love life has a time limit. … Let me rephrase that. Our love life has a time limit.”

"At that time, I was to young to know what death really is. I made a promise I couldn't keep. Lets get married when we grow up."

I actually cry when Mayu beg to God of four leave to let Takuma live, to let them be together. 

"What does it mean to live? Does I have to take a friend's heart to live longer?"
 What is it to be death if can't grab the happiness.

And if God give him time, he would do things that he always wanted so that he could leave this world without regret?

And it kind of heart broken when Mayu beg for Kou heart for Takuma. Where we all know it's not going to happen. And all they can do it saying sorry instead of giving them a chance to be together. And also to not let Kou to have a chance of waking up again. Both side are siding on one hope.

Takuma: Doctor, I have a question. How much exercise am I allowed? What do you mean?
Dr. Takahito: What do you mean?
Takuma: Can I do sports that don't require running? For example… Japanese archery.
Dr. Takahito: Archery?
Takuma: Or sex.
Dr. Takahito: Who do you plan to do that with?
Takuma: Oh, I didn't mean with Mayu. I wouldn't do it with your daughter. I just wondered because I lack experience.
Dr. Takahito: It depends, but it can be pretty strenuous.
Takuma: I see.
Dr. Takahito: Not as a father, but as a doctor, I wouldn't recommend it.
Takuma: I guess so. A guy who can't have sex couldn't marry anyone. She just doesn't get these things.

Well, I laugh when the pencil snap into two piece. 

“You and your dad don’t understand. What it means to die. How frightening it is… Mayu. What does it mean to live?”
-Takuma to Mayu

“Takuma. Living is just so sad. It’s filled with such heartbreaks like this. But, Takuma. I don’t regret a thing. That I met you. That I fell in love with you. If I were to meet you again, even knowing such sadness awaits me, I’d definitely fall in love with you again.”
-Mayu to Takuma

“You’re still with Mayu. The nurses and I used to laugh and call you a miniature married couple.”
Teru, I Give My First Love To You

"My love had a time limit. But it lasted a lifetime."

“Life is so sad. It’s full of heartbreaks like this. But, I don’t regret a thing; that I met you, that I fell in love with you. If I were to meet you again, even knowing such sadness awaits me, I’d definitely fall in love with you again.”
By ; Nur Azira Jusoh

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