Saturday, 29 June 2013

Johor Vs Kelantan: Which is your choice?

Hye korang, ready for FA Cup Final? Support team mana?

(A) Kelantan :D
(B) Johor Darul Takzim

As we sit and wait for the live action tonight between Johor JDT and Kelantan for the FA Cup Finals, we decide to take a look at why we have mad love for Johor and Kelantan.

Johor has Hunky Men

The second you step into Johor, every guy is suddenly slightly better looking. Just look at Johor’s prince! One look from Tunku Ismail Idris and I for one, could easily have a heart attack. One good reason to catch tonight’s match live, is with hopes that you can also catch a glimpse of Malaysia’s hottest prince. And if you can’t manage to see him, there’s always Khairy Jamaluddin as valid eye candy.  

Kelantan Girls 
Need I say more? Neelofa proves how stunning these Kelantan girls are. With their fair, porcelain complexion, huge expressive eyes and seductive full lips, Malaysian men just can't help falling head over heels for Kelantan girls.

Johor lets you shop till you drop
What else makes Johor the shiz? They have Malaysia’s prime shopping heaven for designer goodies. JPO is every shopaholic’s dream home. It also helps that Johor is one step away from Asia’s number one shopping destination: Singapore.

Kelantan wins in tantalizing delicacies
Kelantan is the one state where you can indulge in rice from morning till night and not feel guilty (until you weigh yourself). Have your pick from nasi kerabu to laksam and ayam percik. Not to forget the Budu which adds an extra kick!

I guess it’s a tie. Both states have their pros and cons. Well football wise, you’ll just need to get a good seat at the mamak stall or better yet at Stadium Bukit Jalil to see who wins hands down when it comes to skills. 

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