Friday, 26 April 2013

Giyomi Oh Giyomi

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera...

Nampaknya virus Gwiyomi semakin menjadi-jadi dikalangan para selebriti tempatan and I’m pretty sure most of you know about the Gwiyomi craze that has gone viral on the internet by now..
Gwiyomi artis Malaysia
there are some that are cute such as gwiyomi from our celebrity:- 

Gwiyomi versi Nora Danish

Gwiyomi versi Wawa Zainal

#Just Click on the picture to watch the video,,okayyyy ^_^...

and the latest...

Pelakon handsome Malaysia,Nazri Othman telah memuatnaikkan video gwiyomi....dia buat memang comel...cute sngt!!! 

But I still don’t get why 1 plus 1 equals gwiyomi, 2 plus 2 equals gwiyomi and so on (gwiyomi means cutie by the way. Yes, I looked up the lyrics). Can somebody explain that to me??hehe....

Sebenarnya,,gwiyomi  merupakan sejenis mi maggi yang direbus empuk dan dikunyah menggunakan gigi bersama wasabi serta sushi~nyumnyum, sungguh enak dimakan begitu saja ! Besides,,Gwiyomi (pronounced as Kiyomi) is a South Korean internet slang term meaning “cute” or a “cute person” used in somewhat similar vein to the Japanese term “Kawaii.” Composed and performed by two South Korean aspiring musicians Dandi and Hari, the song was originally uploaded in late January 2013 and officially released as a digital single on February 18th, 2013..

The whole "Gwiyomi" thingamajig has gone viral on facebook. 

Everyone is either:
a. doing it; or
b. sharing it

First of all,, kepada peminat gwiyomi kena baca nie,,,

#Hope kowag sdar2lah ea.... This pengajaran for me too...
By : Nur Azira Jusoh

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