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Happy 25th Birthday to Dorky Leader, Kim Taeyeon~!! ♥

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★9 → Happy Birthday To Snsd's Kim Taeyeon

After a highly successful year in 2011 of making the name ‘Girls’ Generation’ known to more diverse and widespread public around the world, March 9th is yet another special date celebrated by a group of people known as SONEs every year (as well as nine angels and their families of course).

As the first of the six ’89 babies to celebrate their 24th birthdays, Kim Taeyeon, the eldest of the group with the deceivingly never-changing baby face of hers (or looking like a ‘lost kid’ on occasions as some calls it), will turn a year ol… umm more mature in 2012 but I highly doubt if her dorkiness and ahjumma laugh will ever change.

See? No difference.

(Listen to the ahjumma laugh, especially towards the end of the video ^^)

While thinking of the girls’ activities in the previous year, one thing comes to mind immediately when you think specifically of our dear diva-with-childlike-complexion Ms. Kim. Peas.

Yes peas. Disney’s peas-in-a-pod to be exact. The moment Ms. Kim’s selcas with the big green peas, with the annoyingly cheerful expressions (which we grew to love, of course), surfaced online, SONEs worldwide went into a frenzy to locate these peas, which we eventually refer to fondly as dookongs or Taengpeas. And of course, needless to say, Taeyeon was continuously showered with gifts of dookongs wherever she went. (So, Disney, if you were wondering why the sales of peas shot up drastically in 2011, you now know who to thank).

In several interviews, the unique leader and spokesperson of the group (even though, officially, there are no leaders and the girls make joint decisions and all) wishes to advance into space after successfully taking over the world, making fans go like this —> o___O

We are still in the first quarter of the year but our dear fluffy leader has already tried her hand on MC-ing MBC’s Music Core with Tiffany and Seohyun (cringes at weekly dose of aegyo) and also acting in ‘Salamander Guru and the Gang’ with SHINee’s Minho. Despite being a cameo role in only one episode, I have no doubt that anyone who watched it would have gotten a deep impression (more cringing! But we love you ^^).

Also, our lovely kid leader’s professionalism also made it into the news several weeks ago, when she continued to MC professionally despite hurting her toe at the 1st GaOn Chart K-pop Awards ヽ(;▽;)ノ

On a more serious side, Taeyeon’s powerful vocals continue to amaze with time, be it during solo performances or group songs (think of the high notes in ‘The Boys’). Back in January, Taeyeon went to Japan alone without her group members for the Athena Live Stage and her heartfelt singing of the soundtracks touched many hearts.

So, as usual, on the first stroke of midnight, which marks the start of the special day of March 9th, all of us here from the family would like to wish Taeyeon a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here’s to an awesome and fantastic 2013 and we love you! 

Here’s an awesome birthday tribute video to conclude the post!

By : Nur Azira Jusoh

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