Friday, 11 January 2013

Afiq Azmi's Latest Hair Styles "2013"

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera...

Muhammad Afiq bin Azmi

Woww ... The latest hair style in 2013 by football players who are up for grabs, especially football fan female fans .. Who else if not a football player named Muhammad Afiq Azmi .. Since he became the loans to Kelantan FC team borrowed from Kuala Lumpur team FC, ​​he became a household name in the field of mass media such as Twitter, Facebook and so on ... What a fanaticism fans against him .. The player who comes from Kangar, Perlis has a 1.85m high (Can be the international model) will celebrate his birth on January 15, 2013 and due to be 24 years old this year of 2013 .. So, I say Happy Birthday .. Hopefully your career is always bright from time to time .. I was also my interest in him .. hehehe

Afiq Azmi hair style in 2013 .. It lain dari other .. I would have thought not,, hair cut in December 2012 changed significantly .. New hairstyle know .. Hehe .. What kind of hair style? You all see for yourself ..(✿◕‿◕) 

Handsome or not?? Hehe... Others not from the first hair style .. Trojan hairstyle...

Hehe .. The ever-changing hair styles every year .. Noticed or not?? You can tengok perubahannya hair styles from 2009,, 2012 and early January 2013 ... This is because, over the past three years,, he always had different hair styles .. However, you are still the best .. hehehe ..

Afiq Azmi "2009"

Afiq Azmi "2012"

Afiq Azmi "January 2013"

It's different .. Hehe .. Hair style is not important .. The key talent and your presentation at the football field as a talented football player .. Talent should not be suppressed .. This is because the sound of the crowd or fans is the pillar of strength and the team to win a match .. Without the fans,, Who would we .. Just a normal human being in need of support from others .. Right?? So, do not be disappointed hearts of your fans,, ok!!

In this year of 2013,, Afiq Azmi has legally become a football player on the team Selangor FC .. Say Goodbye Kelantan FC .. But,, Say Hello to Selangor FC .. Say Goodbye to The Red Warriors ... But, say hello to the Red Giants ...

Afiq Azmi, who wore jersey number "11" with the players Selangor FC "2013" ... New jersey! Beautiful!! I like .. Very interesting .. hehe ... Selangor Fighting!! .. The Red Giants,, Daebak!!

Although I am a native of Terengganu .. But I am a rabid fan of the team Terenggaanu FC, ​​Selangor FC and  Kelatan FC...I do not even know why I'm so fanatical about his team's three .. Each team has its privileges .. 're Interest, I wanted to do any other kind .. hehe ... But that resolved, I still support my birth team of Terengganu FC .. Terengganu,, Daebak!! Fighting!! I L.O.V.E TERENGGANU.. My Heart and Souls.. 

P/S : Improve yourself with the same time do not drop the others-message for Malaysia's football team... 
i L.O.V.E Malaysia..
By : Nur Azira Jusoh

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