Sunday, 27 January 2013

Jodoh Itu di Tangan Tuhan :)

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera..

It’s better for me to start writing with that salaam rather than start with telling the whole world about my moods and that doesn’t bring any difference, it turn even worst.

I know I’m not a good person to talk about heart and feelings but I just wanna share my thoughts, my perspectives and what my crude heart wanna say. Allah made us, created us, the human beings as the most exquisite-perfect creature of all time. Better than the sun, the moon, the ocean, the animals, the galaxy, better than everything else around us. We stand here, live under His bless and permission. All of our body parts are gift from Him. Not really a gift, we actually borrow all this. From the hair until toes, brain, blood veins, bloods, nerve cells, everything is actually belongs to Him, The Most Gracious and Most Merciful. Not to mention different finger prints, different ethnicity, different physical figure, and plenty of differences that will take me some time to list all that. But what I wanna share is, different ways in expressing your hearts and feelings. Some people they can just hide their feelings, hide what they feels. They can act normal even when they mad, sad, grief, jealous and etc. This actually works on some people, but it’s not good for your own self-development. If you are on therapy, don’t do this. It kills your heart cruelly, and diminishes your future slowly. I think this is where I stand. I hardly showed that I’m mad or angry. But you can see clearly when I’m sad. But when it comes to jealous and angry, I’m good at hiding and pretending.hahaha..Maype..:P..
But I wanna say thank you because gives to me such a beautiful quotes for me...Love You!!!Ahhhhh..I'm in love with you already....By the way,, thank a lots.... And never forget that I will always be there behind you, in front of you, next to your left and right and if needed, I will be there alongside you. Protecting and supporting you from every angle.

Epal yang tidak berkualiti amat mudah diperolehi kerana ia berguguran di tanah. 
Tapi epal yang tidak mampu dibeli berada di puncak. 
“ Susah dipetik, susah digapai”. 
Terkadang itu, epal itu risau, 
“ Kenapa diriku belum dipetik?” 
Lantas ia merendahkan martabatnya dan menggugurkan diri menyembah tanah. 
Sedangkan sebenarnya Allah telah menjadikannya begitu tinggi mertabatnya…
sehingga tiada siapa yang berani memetik… 
hanya pemuda yang benar-benar hebat sahaja yang mampu… mungkin tidak di dunia, namun di akhirat. 
Biarlah jodoh tidak di dunia, 
asalkan cinta Allah mengiringi… 

P/S : Ya Allah, peliharalah iman dan hati kami ketika susah dan senang
Kau murahkanlah rezeki kami serta keluarga kami
semoga kami  dan keluarga tabah menghadapi setiap ujian yang Kau izinkan
semoga Kau memelihara kami dan keluarga kami dari segala keburukan dan fitnah manusia
Kau limpahkan rahmatMu ke atas kami
semoga kami sentiasa bertaqwa dan sentiasa bersyukur kepadaMu
semoga kami berjaya dan bahagia di dunia dan akhirat.
By : Nur Azira Jusoh

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