Thursday, 10 January 2013

I Love My Family Poems...

I love my family so much.

To be apart of a family like mine 
is so divine 
where love is shown 
hurt is shared 
our love for each other is never impaired 

we talk 
we laugh 
we cry 
but we are a family 
and we do it all together 
for as a family 
we do it all as one 

you hurt one 
you hurt all 
and as a family unit 
we will all stand tall 
for we are family 
a family full of strength 
a family full of love 
a family no one can touch 
that's why I love my family so much. 

P/s : Mungkin orang tua kita tak akan memberi kita wang yang banyak, tapi yakinlah dia memberi kita kasih sayang yang tak terhingga banyaknya
By : Nur Azira Jusoh

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