Friday, 4 January 2013

Hold him completely honest to me??

Honesty .. What is honesty?? Honesty is a word that comes out of our hearts by faith without coercion .. Maybe ... But, now I'm not sure if my partner is honest or not .. Not that he is not loyal .. He was very loyal coat .. But, sometimes the words that come out of his mouth he can not be trusted .. Very nasty to me now?? With a couple themselves did not believe ... I really love him .. But, I'm afraid deceived by the words of sweetness ... Therefore, I have to be very careful .. No use crying because of a man .. This faucet, I find the things that often happens to make lost trust in him .. If a relationship he has cheated me, I was enticed by her cheating on me for all this .. But, if he is honest .. Alhamdulillah .. I do not want cheated a second time by him .. God willing, if we were both there mate, we will not see where .. Although now he is far away from me .. I hope that he is okay and protected by God ..

P/s :I believe if there was fraud in the relationship,, our relationship will not be permanent until the children and grandchildren
By : Nur Azira Jusoh ^_^

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