Thursday, 27 December 2012

Oh My Chocolate!!

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera...

My present..... Wow.. I love chocolate so much... :D

How come we girls love to eat chocolate so much? I mean why is that our number one craving? Guys don't love chocolate as much as we do.... This is because we got a good excuse for being fat... hahaha.. No way!!! For your information,, 90% of girls around the world are fond of chocolate? Are you one of them! Most girls simply love to binge on chocolates-creamy, milky, dark, bitter, nutty, fruity. But do you know why? Here are a few reasons why girls love chocolate so much.:-

1. Reflex action

The hormonal levels in girls usually keep on shifting which causes several physical and emotional ups and downs. To bring about a steady pattern of these hormones, girls eat chocolates as a reflex action. Wow, isn’t this a cool scientific reason behind eating chocolates?

2. Spurt of energy

This one is interesting. The brain produces a potion called phenylethylamine when a girl falls in love, which is incidentally present in chocolate too. So when girls consume chocolate, they get energy from the sugar and cocoa in it and the phenylethylamine enhances their mood. These two combined take girls to new heights and give them pleasure.

3. Pure happiness

Chocolate helps girls to feel happiness. The sweetness present in chocolate lets out hormones of happiness! This makes us feel truly happy. So whenever you are depressed, go ahead and treat yourself to a bar of chocolate.

4. Forbidden chocolate

Another scientific reason why girls love chocolate is that somewhere in their minds they know that if they have more of it, they are bound to gain weight. This knowledge somehow acts in the opposite way and their craving for chocolate is enhanced and they eat more!

5. Great taste

Now keeping the scientific reasons aside, there are logical reasons for having chocolate too. Chocolate has a great taste. The creamier the chocolate, the faster it melts in your mouth. The variety of flavors it comes in is surely mouth watering!

6. Unique shapes

Believe it or not, this is actually a reason for girls buying chocolates many times. If there is a new cute teddy bear shaped chocolate available at your nearest supermarket, won’t you go and buy it immediately? This is true for most girls.

7. Mood fluctuations

As said earlier, chocolate can make you feel happy. It can also help in enhancing your mood. So if you just got your periods or are facing some stress in your life, your mood changes. Chocolate can balance these fluctuations chemically.
Now girls you have got a few more reasons to indulge yourself on those chocolates. Go ahead, enjoy! hehehe.. i love chocolate so much as i do... muah8.....
Nur Azira Jusoh

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