Friday, 28 December 2012

Always starting with "If"

If it can't, then the RICH do not steal.
If the poor do not want to, then don't be lazy.
If can not success, then don't despair.
If you can't forgive, then don't have any enemies.
If can not for MERCY, then do not sin.
If it is not able to CARE for, then please do not HATE.
If it can't, then don't "BACKBITING".
If unable to do good, then do not do error if can't honestly, then don't lie.
If can't MAKE PEACE, then don't FIGHT If unable to fast, then don't EAT CARELESSLY.
If there can be fun, then don't HURT.
If you can't share it, then don't be STINGY.
If you can't ACCEPT, then share it.
If it is not able to receive TAQDIR, then don't complain.
If you can't, then don't GIVE KUFR delights.
If you can't appreciate, then please do not BERATE.
If not, then don't get MARRIED ZINA.
If it can't, then do not PRAY to the SHAMAN.
If you can not eat unclean, then do not approach a SYUBHAT.
If you can't drink that is HARAAM, then do not approach KHAMER.
If it can't, then the BROTHERS KEEP the FRIENDSHIP.
By : Nur Azira Jusoh ^_^

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