Friday, 23 November 2012

Awek AfiQ AzMi

Afiq menegaskan bahawa wanita yang berada dalam gambar tersebut adalah teman wanitanya. Namun, dia menolak permintaan untuk memberitahu nama kekasihnya demi menjaga keselamatan wanita tersebut.

"Ya. Dia awek saya. Saya kenal dia sebelum saya menyertai Kelantan lagi. Maaflah, saya tidak boleh beritahu namanya kerana baru-baru ini, dia kerap diganggu dari orang yang tidak dikenali di facebook.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Save Palestine

Pemain bola sepak Malaysia Bunyamin Umar menyarung baju 'Save Palestine' sebelum perlawanan persahabatan menentang Bangladesh semalam.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bulan Lahir Anda :)

Jom Tengok siapa yang kena...!!!
Bulan Lahir Anda :)
1. Jan ➜ Setia - Egois
2. Feb ➜ Simple - Ramah
3. Mac ➜ Keras kepala -Berani
4. AprIL ➜ Setia - Susah dicari ganti
5. Mei ➜ Jujur - Penyayang
6. Jun ➜ Menarik - Keras kepala
7. JuLy ➜ Dewasa - Setia
8. Ogos ➜ Simple - Cute
9. Sept ➜ Ganjil - Pelik
10. Okt ➜ Manja - Baik
11. Nov ➜ Egois - Menarik

Monday, 12 November 2012

Lok at My face clearly~

My face is burned.. Sob2.. Doakan mge i cpat cmbuh yew.. love you all...

I share you some edition of me with my friend..

Pergertian Lelaki and Perempuan~

Lelaki :

Wanita : 
(A)uratnya :)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Love iS CINtA

✿ Kata Najwa →❤ cinta muka buku ✔ 
❀ Kata Rangga →❤ ada apa dgn cinta ✔ 
✿ Kata Radja →❤ benci bilang cinta ✔ 
❀ Kata Agnes Monica →❤ cinta tak ada logika ✔ 
✿ Kata Polis →❤ cinta itu sukar ditangkap ✔ 
❀ Kata Ustaz →❤ cinta itu anugerah ✔ 
✿ Kata Doktor → ❤cinta tak dapat untuk diubati ✔ 
❀ Kata Guru →❤ cinta tak boleh utk di pelajari ✔ 
✿ Kata Hakim →❤ cinta tak boleh di hukum ✔ 
❀ Kata Orang →❤ cinta itu indah ✔ 
✿ Kata Ulama →❤ cinta Allah kekal abadi ✔

Happy Pepero Day

Yuri for Pepero Day!

It is November 11th and Pepero Day! To present SONEs with Peperos, here is Yuri with a selca and sweet message!
Ta-da. Soshi has a performance in LA~
I’m really sad I can’t share it with you personally..
But I’m presenting you with Pepero* at least like this~
We’re consistently working hard on a new album, performance, and songs
So you have to promise to look forward to it lots and lots~
Just as much as SONE.
We also miss you and are waiting
I miss you~ Euheoheoheoheoheong~
It’s getting cold, so be careful not to catch a cold!
heuk (crying sound), I miss you so much
The performance she is referring to is the K-Pop Super Concert in America. It was held on the 10th of November at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, California. So, as a bonus, here is their group shot in LA!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Friends Really Do Change Your Life

I believe friends can impact your life. Whether negatively or positively, the people you surround yourself with have a significant impact on where your life takes you. Specifically, I believe my best friend got me to where I am today. I am now and have been on a path to success since she entered my life. Four years ago, I was a trouble maker, rule breaker and all out rebel. The girls that I surrounded myself were known for their bad attitudes and party habits. I have watched their lives get destroyed because of the decisions they made. I believe by stepping away from them, I have become a more structured and overall better person.
During my friendship with my former group of friends, I had no rules. I stayed out hours past midnight, threw parties without my parent’s permission or knowledge, and didn’t care who I associated myself with. Thankfully, I was level-headed enough to never give in to the pressure of trying drugs or alcohol. I was only in it for the fun. Four of these girls, however, lacked the better judgment I was lucky enough to have. They drank constantly, smoked pot, and ditched school almost every day. After several years of this, I had had enough. Unfortunately, by associating myself with this group I had somewhat ruined my reputation. Even though I stayed away from drugs, people at school assumed I was just as crazy as the rest of the girls. The girls eventually dropped out of school and I was left trying to find people that would accept me.
I knew of another girl at school that I hadn’t talked to in a few years. She was in Honors classes and theater, so we rarely crossed paths. Our parents, however, were best friends and always encouraged her and I to hang out but we never found much in common. After separating myself from my former group, she and I became friends. I quickly found myself realizing what true friendship really was and was surprised to have found it with someone I had once thought to be so different from me.
Four years later, we are best friends and closer than anyone could imagine. Through the lives of my former friends, I have seen what my path could have been. I could have been without a high school education, without a job, without my dignity and without a true friend. I have learned that who you associate yourself with can have a strong impact on your future. By becoming friends with someone I thought was on the right path, I, myself, can see a bright future ahead of me. I am extremely thankful to have found someone who helped me get on this path. I believe that without her, I would not be who I am today.

Friday, 2 November 2012

For Info About Dearest

Maydam ...
Sweet and beautiful memories with me
Stored always in my heart
That smile of yours makes me calm
Your upbringing that made ​​me win ...

Maydam ...
Never shall i forget your services,
Until I grew up,
Thank you,, Maydam ..
I love you,, Maydam

Peruncingan Spm Sejarah 
*Piagam madinah
*tamadun cina/india
*pengaruh hindu Buddha
*Zman glap
*undang2 tanah
*ptembungan tamadun
*hudaibiyah/pembukaan smula kta mekah
*khalifah umar
-pembaharuan islam:

*pmbentukan malaysia
*prang dnia 1
*dsar luar
*grakan islah
*suruhanjaya reid
*akhbr dan mjlah/psatuan
-nasiolisme d thai/filipina/indonesia
-pilihan raya
-pranan raja/sultan:-
-pnentangan tokoh d sarawak
-dsar sosial negara

#byakkan tekan peruncingan y btanda *