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Ahli Baru T-ara,, Dani (Kim Danee)

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera...

Dani T-ara:

Dani T-ara
Dani born in South Korea but 4 years of moving into the United States. It’s one of two new members of T-ara. On May 30, the upload multiple pictures on theFacebook page of Core Contents Media, served as being the ninth person in T-ara. She will join T-ara in January 2013 because she wanted to train more, however, make an appearance inside the MV “Day By Day” by T-ara and will come in December at the “School 2013″ drama.

Dani T-Ara (Kim Danee) Profile:

Birth name: Kim Danee
Also known as: Dani, Danee
Born: December 23, 1998 Seoul, South Korea
Labels: Core Contents Media
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Star sign: Capricorn

Dani T-Ara (Kim Danee) Facts:

  • Group: T-ara
  • Position: Vocalist, rapper and maknae.
  • Family: Younger sister (Danielle).
  • Languages: Korean and English
  • Debut: July 3 appeared in the MV of T-ara, “Day By Day”, but as an integral over debut in January 2013.
  • She lived from fouryears in the U.S., so herEnglish is quite fluent.
  • In spite of being Korean, knows little about the culture of their country, which is why she needs time to work to visit places of Korea, together with hermother and father.
  • It isquite ahighfor age.
  • The compared with Olivia Hussey and Krystal of F (x).
  • Dani was chosen personally by the director of CCM, Kim Kwang Soo, as she walked the streets.
  • At a really young age, has an amazing vocal ability, besides being excellentin rap.
  • Spend seven hours a day to raise their skills and rap vocalization, and who would like to give his best as the eighth member of T-ara.
  • On July 14, Dani was presented because the ninth-eighth member Hwayoung since left the group throughout the opening in the official fan club from the group, Queen’s. “I’ll work hard from now, fighting,” said Dani in the case.
  • Dani received to be a gift, by the members of T-ara, the gold record they earned in the sale of the company’s Japanese album “Bo Beep Bo Beep”. This is completed in order to motivate and give Dani her best in her debut.

Dani’s drama

  • 2012: School 2013
P/s : Dani akan menyertai T-ara pada bulan Disember sebagai ahli yang ke-9...Tak sabar nak tengok kemunculan Dani~
By : Nur Azira Jusoh

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