Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Seohyun’s Birthday Party

SeoKyu (look at Kyu’s hand!) with Sooyoung, Heechul, Eunhyuk, Jinwoon, Sunny & Yoona: Seohyun’s Birthday Party

Happy 21st Birthday Uri Goddess Maknae SeoHyun ah~

Happy  21st Birthday Uri Goddess Maknae SeoHyun ah~

I wish God bless you…
With all joy and cheers…
May you live a long life…
May you get all good thing in your life…
May you have happy days and nights…
May all your dreams come true…
May all your desires be fulfilled…
May you spreading happiness everywhere…
Stay away from every sorrow and grief…

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sad Story about Me!!

Pada Jumaat yang bersamaan 15.06.2012,, saya telah kehilangan seseorang y di pagil SAHABAT… Aku xprnah merasakan khilangan sesuatu y bernilai… this was the firs\t ever in my life.. kjadian in btul2 blaku btul2 beberapa sebelum midnight… walaupin aku xprnah mengenali dirinya,, tapi aku amat menyayangi si dia sperti sahabatku.. not boyfriend,, ok… just friend… maybe like sister and brother kot… hehehe… stu kjadian y terpkasa mbuatkan aku dan dia  xag berhubung… nie mbuatkan aku berasa sedih… last word sebelum aku xag berhubung dgab nya ialah… ok2… gudnitez to u… nice to have friend just like you… salam… mcm jiwa plop aku nie.. hehehe.. bese r awek pink.. huhu… xcye??? See this picture….

Awek pinky kan nie.. huhu.. aty I cpat sensitive tau.. so be careful with me… tapi se jew aku nak ckap kew dye skarg nie… I MISS YOU A LOT.. kluw dye bce blog nie… mlu nyer aku… tp,, seriously,, I miss u,, my friend.. and I hope we will meet again!! And hope so………… Perasaan miss gler aku kew dye,, membuat kan aku rajin untuk mlukis one picture kew dye… check this out :-

Khas untuk dye tau.. hehehe… cantik x?? kew comey?? Huhuhu… but sya nak kte kew awak smua,,, I LOVE U  ALL,, MY FRIEND FOREVER AND EVER…

My DiarY~

Stu kjadian y mengamankan saya telah tjadi kpada driku. Pkra y blei menyebabkan seseorang y mengalami sakit jantung,, “SHOCK” atau besar kemungkinan mereka akan terus dimasukan ke dalam wad akibat kjadian seperti ini terjadi kepada diri mereka.. hehhehe.. Meh sya cite bgaimana kjadian seperti ini boleh menimpa diriku ini.. huhu.. This is my diary statement,, so I hope ur guys will love and enjoy by redaing this story... Pda ari ahad yang bersamaan 10.06.2012,, kejadian y tidak diingini telah tjadi atau y tidak diingini telah HAMPIR2 menimpa diriku… Semasa dalam perjalanan pulang dari sekolah,, aku dan sahabatku lalu di bawah sebatang pokok pinang…. Tiba2 daun pelepah pokok pinang itu telah tjatuh BETUL2 dihadapanku. Alangkah shock nyer diriku.. Cuba bayangkan kluw aku mem[erce[atkan langkahku untuk pulang k umah pada ari 2,, pasti pelepah pokok pinang itu akan berul2 jatuh ke atas kepalaku. Tetapi aku bersyukur kerana Allah Swt telah meyelamatkan aku daripada terkena pelepah pokok pinang 2.. Alhamdulilah…

Which one,, u like????????

Thursday, 14 June 2012

SNSD @ Girl de Provence Perfume Promotion Picture

Hari Jumaat Penghulu Segala Hari ♥

Sunshine’s ‘CMIYC’ Back Stage Selcas~

It sure is over for our Funny Sunny Bunny’s musical, ‘Catch Me If You Can’ however is it never complete without any backstage photos! Photos and selcas of their backstage have recently been surfacing the net. There she pose with a V-sign with Park KwangHyun and Seo Jiyoung, both a cast of the same musical! Check out her aegyo-filled photos below!;

Monday, 4 June 2012

Ahli Baru T-ara,, Dani (Kim Danee)

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera...

Dani T-ara:

Dani T-ara
Dani born in South Korea but 4 years of moving into the United States. It’s one of two new members of T-ara. On May 30, the upload multiple pictures on theFacebook page of Core Contents Media, served as being the ninth person in T-ara. She will join T-ara in January 2013 because she wanted to train more, however, make an appearance inside the MV “Day By Day” by T-ara and will come in December at the “School 2013″ drama.

Dani T-Ara (Kim Danee) Profile:

Birth name: Kim Danee
Also known as: Dani, Danee
Born: December 23, 1998 Seoul, South Korea
Labels: Core Contents Media
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Star sign: Capricorn

Dani T-Ara (Kim Danee) Facts:

  • Group: T-ara
  • Position: Vocalist, rapper and maknae.
  • Family: Younger sister (Danielle).
  • Languages: Korean and English
  • Debut: July 3 appeared in the MV of T-ara, “Day By Day”, but as an integral over debut in January 2013.
  • She lived from fouryears in the U.S., so herEnglish is quite fluent.
  • In spite of being Korean, knows little about the culture of their country, which is why she needs time to work to visit places of Korea, together with hermother and father.
  • It isquite ahighfor age.
  • The compared with Olivia Hussey and Krystal of F (x).
  • Dani was chosen personally by the director of CCM, Kim Kwang Soo, as she walked the streets.
  • At a really young age, has an amazing vocal ability, besides being excellentin rap.
  • Spend seven hours a day to raise their skills and rap vocalization, and who would like to give his best as the eighth member of T-ara.
  • On July 14, Dani was presented because the ninth-eighth member Hwayoung since left the group throughout the opening in the official fan club from the group, Queen’s. “I’ll work hard from now, fighting,” said Dani in the case.
  • Dani received to be a gift, by the members of T-ara, the gold record they earned in the sale of the company’s Japanese album “Bo Beep Bo Beep”. This is completed in order to motivate and give Dani her best in her debut.

Dani’s drama

  • 2012: School 2013
P/s : Dani akan menyertai T-ara pada bulan Disember sebagai ahli yang ke-9...Tak sabar nak tengok kemunculan Dani~
By : Nur Azira Jusoh