Thursday, 31 May 2012

A loveletter to the un-wanted

These last weeks have been very rich for me. So much have opened up and so much have bloomed. With the richness of life comes the ying and yang of everything. In one single day I often experience intense gratitude and love when later this might change to sadness and confusion, or the other way around. I welcome it all, it is all part of my journey. And I feel so blessed to live such intense and enriching life I would not like to have it in any other way. It is also a great reminder that to be able to feel and experience pure intense love you also need to be able to handle the opposite; fear and grief.
Previously I have written a lot about Law of Attraction and that we are the creator of our life and experiences. Sometimes we might wonder why certain things happen to us, why we might experience sadness and loss. My belief is that this is all part of our journey, our learning cycle and travel of the soul. If you have not experienced grief can you then know compassion? If you haven’t allowed yourself to love from a pure place will you then ever feel fulfilled? I practise Law of Attraction to shape my life but also believe there are lessons from beyond that only our soul can understand. If you knew about the pain in your future would you dare to live? Would you dare to love and dream?
I have some experiences that I have previously wished I could delete from my life. What I have come to understand is that all these events and everything I’ve been through are assets to me and to others. It is as if they complete the puzzle in the Universe and therefore also my life and relationships. I dearly love and cherish my sensitivity that has been born out of this, and since I accepted the feelings some years back it has become a huge strength. And without my background this blog would never have been created and I would not have the longing to share with and inspire others being on the path where I am right now. Everything has a purpose.
I wish with all of my heart that everyone in this world would be awaken and feel their existence – what a gift it is to be alive. I know it is not possible since we are all on different paths. And I also appreciate that the variety of people and their beliefs are enriching my life. I have heard so many stories from other women and men about their difficulties in life and even though I have not experienced exactly the same as they did I always feel a connection and understanding, especially when they share from their heart. And there might be others who live in a completely different space than yourself which may be challenging. I had a couple of incidents yesterday when my ego was triggered; one was a woman on the bus who refused to give away the spare seat next to her by ignoring me and the other one was our security guard who made a joke behind my back. In both cases I decided to relate to them with love and allowed some time for reflection to understand what they might have meant.Perhaps the old woman on the bus was uncomfortable speaking English (she was Chinese) rather than ignorant? And the security guard might have spoken with appreciation rather than irony? It doesn’t really matter in the end what their intention were. The important thing for me was to deal with my emotions and reactions. This is why I welcome the un-wanted since it helps me to grow, to understand myself better and to practise unconditional love for others. It is also an opportunity of choice for deciding when it is worth having an argument. Is it really worth it? What would I gain from feeling angry with somebody else?
Look at your life as an exciting journey. There are many bits and pieces along the way and those are what makes it to be you. Love it, every bit of it!

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