Monday, 9 April 2012

Just for Funny

"Honey, your mobile phone!
"The man: Hello? Woman: Hey, you sth
Man: is that who you are?
Woman: I'm sth Man: Oh, you!
I have something to do? Woman: do you get out?

I'm outside of your home. "Go?
Husband and I believe you "girls: tea! Man: what to say! At this late hour.
I'm not comfortable with my wife at home alone, she is afraid of the dark.
Woman: I am divorced! M: how it is!
Your husband loves you, right?
Woman: he is the bastard, he carried me three, OOO OOo man: well, don't be sad, you're young, there's better waiting for you sth
Woman: do you hate me? Male: this will be the last.
I think of you as a friend, no hate no hate.
Female: really?
Man: Oh of course, do I have you told a lie?
Woman: do you still love me? Male: sth
Favorite daughter: we get married, I will do a good wife and loving mother.
Man: I have a wife, she just last week and I apply for a marriage certificate, married in another two months.
Woman: do not still married?
Man: no, she really loved me, I couldn't hurt her.
Woman: you embarrassed me to say sth
Man: it doesn't work.
Female: OOo, why?
Male: because I am a man, and so can not.
Girl: I want to know is why you love me, and I still love you, why not again?
Man: do you really want to know why?
Woman: Yeah.
Men: 1: is a person I know falling in love with a man who is not easy to know how much is wound pain, so I can't leave her. 2: has decided to get married because I decided, this generation has selected her, she is the only woman I've ever selected.
Regardless of later said nothing to deserve her as a standard, do anything to betray the principles of her, however we found it was wind or rain, I will stand in front of the most wind-rain for her.
3: she loves me, she was stupid, very good she's doing everything for the sake of my.
I was only after she persuaded me to, she believe me, believe me not sorry for her, she decides to marry me, gave me is the decision of her life.
Woman's life is not allowed to be trampled on.
Do you understand?

Women: know sth
"There are two kinds of beauty in the world, outside the United States: it can meet you face, but indefinite can give a lifetime of happiness. Inner beauty: although it cannot give feet your face but it will give you a lifetime of happiness, women--sth Face important sth

Also important sth is happy "
Female: have a friend can do?
Man: no, I don't need a girlfriend other than female friends! Girl: why? Says reason men: first, there is no common language, I usually play what you girls do not like to play second, you can't satisfy my girlfriend to my needs; three, I have no time to go shopping and you eat something, something that was to accompany his girlfriend do; IV, my girlfriend is jealous.

So why bother?
Man most proud of not sleeping too much woman, but a woman willing to let him sleep all my life.

Most proud not to have how many men a woman, but her man is willing to deny women for him.
Men, to withstand the temptation to!!!!!! Woman, lonely!!!!

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