Tuesday, 13 March 2012

SNSD Story at Time Machine Music Video

[INFO] Hyoyeon Story at Time Machine Music Video

[Trans] On the streets of London. The street lights line up. Hyoyeon is wearing leather. She is waiting for her ex-boyfriend.

But she doesn't know if he'll come. She arbitrary told him she wanted to meet him.

If she was able to go back in time, she would call him desperately. Hyoyeon looks at the time, but he doesn't come.

The men's size antique Rolex she received from her grandfather is a little big for her wrist.

Only time passes. Finally stopping looking at her watch, she looks to the sky. The light of the evening street lamps lights her face.

[INFO] Sooyoung Story at Time Machine Music Video

[Trans] Staying at a hotel. She is staying in a slightly classic type of room. Sooyoung is a careerwoman.

The hotel is in a country she is visiting for work. The provided telephone is not the type you usually see anymore.

The person who calls is him. While talking they quarrel. When did it become like that?

Even in that busyness, she knows they cross paths. Thinking of it now, it also has become something not like this.

She doesn't want to show her crying face over the phone. Sooyeon speaks of breaking up.

After a few minutes of silence, the two laugh. They both laugh off their stubborness.

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