Friday, 24 February 2012

Suzy’s Selca after Miss A’s comeback stage, ‘Blue Eyes are Pretty Too

Miss A member Suzy‘s selca after the group’s comeback stage has recently been sparked attention.
Suzy uploaded a photo to her Twitter on February 24th, with the caption “With a Miss A pen after today’s comeback stage~ I had so much energy today thanks to the fans who came. Ping.
Miss A had a dramatic comeback with their new song “Touch“, on yesterday’s broadcast of ‘Mnet Countdown‘.
Suzy is seen staring at the camera, making a cute “chu” (puckered lips) face while holding a purple pen with a ribbon on it.  Her cute expression fits perfectly to her more edgy look.  Her hair, which has blonde highlights, and her blue irises, from the lenses she is wearing, amped up her usually more simple style.
Netizens reacted fairly positively to her exotic new look, with comments such as “The new song will be a hit!“, “Did you dye your hair?” and “I like your black irises better!
Miss A’s ’bandage outfits’ also drew attention, becoming a hot topic after the ‘Mnet Countdown’ broadcast.

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