Saturday, 4 February 2012

SNSD Fan Sign at Best Buy

SNSD had their first US fan signing event at Best Buy in Times Square, New York City on February 2nd!
Many fans lined up with enthusiasm to meet the girls up close and personal for the first time on US soil.  And, of course, they brought all sorts of souvenirs with them to be signed, including CDs, posters, photo books and more!
The fan sign was a big success with 8 of the 9 girls in attendance.  No Jessica though :( .  Sorry Gorjess Spazzers, maybe next time :) .  Our own ferrerorocher9 and FrozenArctic were in attendance at the fan sign!  So jelly of you two right now and the merchandise you guys got signed!  OMG!!  Let’s hope they have another fan sign soon here on the West Coast so us West Coasters can make you East Coasters jelly this time :P .  Below are the official SMTOWN pictures from the event!  SNSD daebak!

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