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Essay - '10 things that I will do for Malaysia if I become a celebrity'

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     A celebrity, also referred to as a celeb in popular culture, is a person who has a prominent profile and commands a great degree of public fascination and influence in day-to-day media. The term is synonymous with wealth (commonly denoted as a person with fame and fortune), implied with great popular appeal, prominence in a particular field, and is easily recognized by the general public.

     Mention the word youth, reflected in the space of a human eye in the range of young teenagers and young in every way. Despite this initial overview for teens, but there is no doubt that the young bear a heavy responsibility on their shoulders. They are the mainstay and hope for the country next mesa. When I grows up, I want to be an artist who can bring honor to Malaysia on the world stage.

     10 Things I will do for Malaysia if I became a celebrity is that I will move to the highest level outside the country and making Malaysia into the international arena, Malaysia, better known to many and a leading tourist destination that will attract tourists from within and outside country to travel to Malaysia so that our economy can be developed from time to time.

     I also donated some computers to schools in need. This is so because the computer is an electronic device that can store, analyze and produce information as we wanted, and also provide world-class information. Age of highly developed IT today requires us to computer literacy. Therefore, I intend to provide a number of computers to schools in need. If not, people in Malaysia will be far behind. So, let us be a backward societies forever.

     In addition, I will hold an exhibition and sale to raise funds in order to contribute to those in need. I will also introduce Malaysia to the world stage by creating a few paintings or works that have shaped or symbolize the beauty of Malaysia's natural heritage that is owned by Malaysia such as islands, coast, highlands and tropical rain forest and tropical forest is also the survival of certain can enthrall a person who sees it. This will attract foreign tourists to travel to Malaysia and also can contribute to urban planning and rapid progress. This is so because of the inclusion of foreign exchange in our country and also introduced the name of Malaysia to the world.

     I also will build an apartment for community needs such as people who have jobs with incomes that are less generous with lower rental rates in order to lighten their load from time to time. This is so because, money plays an important role in daily life. All items need to be purchased with money. Similarly, residence and other requirements, all require money to get it as well as almost everything can not be done effectively without money. This issue has been difficult for low-income communities to get a decent life.Therefore, I would like to provide apartments with lower rental rates to low income groups. Furthermore, I also will donate used clothes and get some good to the needy such as the poor, in need of help around the community that their lives better, or in short supply.

     Furthermore, I will donate the funds to build a clinic in remote regions to ensure public health security there, especially from a deadly disease like AIDS, cancer, heart disease, dengue, diabetes and kidney disease may also be some kind of twine life of the Malaysian community residing in remote areas and far from urban areas to do inspections on a regular basis. This is so because, Malaysian society is still shrouded in a variety of deadly diseases and infectious diseases. Therefore, by setting up clinics in remote areas, people there can do a health check regularly to ensure the health of crops is always protected from any dangerous disease and infectious disease. Is not prevention better than cure?

    I will also uses the profits from the proceeds of the sales I have established a company to exhibit and perform my work from the sales activities. I will also create several job opportunities in my company to reduce the unemployment crisis that occurred in Malaysia are becoming increasingly and it is therefore disappointing. With the availability of jobs in my company at least, I can reduce the unemployment crisis in Malaysia.

    I will also participate in the campaign held by the government to develop the country and also reduce poverty in the country experienced by people in Malaysia to contribute some funds to help ease the burden of the less fortunate in this country and carry out sales activities as well as exhibitions and profit The funds will be made by the government to help the people of this country have an orderly and perfect life.

    I will also provide some equipment to disadvantaged communities such as persons with disabilities (PWDs) so that they can live their lives properly by providing facilities that can ease the burden incurred as a tool to provide or contribute towards their facilities to allow them to live daily such as wheelchairs, walking sticks and so on.

    I also will use the profits belonging to publish plans to lighten the burden for the less fortunate people in Malaysia. For example, a program which aired on TV3 "Bersamamu". This is so because the community could see the pain and suffering experienced by those who are less fortunate through programs that aired. Therefore, the community is concerned about the pain and suffering experienced by Malaysian society who are less fortunate by contributing some funds that can ease the burden of the less fortunate so that they can live better through the contribution made to them and also through the contribution , Malaysia can reduce poverty in the country Malaysia.Tidak least, I will remit part of the money that I own the homes, to the poor and also to those in need.

     I know, the dream of being a celebrity just a fantasy. This is because'll have to try everything. Malay proverb saying "that success will not come round to fly and will not come easy". Had dreams of being a celebrity is reached. So, I am the most part in this world and will do 10 things to Malaysia that Malaysia is moving forward and is known internationally.

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