Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games Concert

2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games Concert

SBS aired a special 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games Concert today instead of Inkigayo. This concert was to celebrate South Korea's success in being slected as the location for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The concert was hosted by  IU, Kim Hwan and Yoo Haeyoung, and featuared many popular K-Pop groups.     

Check out the performances by SNSD, 2NE1, Kara, IU, CN Blue, Brown Eyed Girls, miss A, 4minute, Secret, Teen Top, Rainbow Pixie, A Pink, NS Yoonji, Boyfriend, Park Hyun Bin and B1A4

Saturday, 21 January 2012

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SNSD and the 21st High1 Seoul Music Awards

On January 19th, our ladies attended the 21st High1 Seoul Music Awards!
During the show they won 2 awards!  First was the Bonsang, which is award to the top 10 artists (top 12 this year) of the year based on album and digital sales, online voting, and judges decisions to determine the top 10 (12).  Well, our ladies definitely deserve this award with their breakthrough in Japan last year and debut US album!
The second award was the Popularity Award, which they won together with Lee Seunggi.  I think our girls are pretty popular don’t you? ;P.  In their acceptance speeches, our girls did make sure to thank us SONEs for our continued support, along with the usual suspects of SM, their managers and SMA organizers.  Congrats to our girls!

We Like Airport Fashion, SNSD Back in Korea After HK Concert

After their successful Hong Kong concert, the girl’s were seen at the local Hong Kong airport on their way back to Korea.  As always, the girl’s are on point with their outfits, but again, I saw something I thought was funny in the media pictures :P .
You know Tiffany is a real American girl when you see her chomping down on Cheetos at the airport!  There has be tons of yummy Korean snacks she could’ve chosen from.  And, of course, Cheetos have to be popular all over the world, but it just shows she hasn’t lost her American roots!  No red hot Cheetos though?  I thought Korean’s love spicy foods??  Haha, apparently she wasn’t in the mood for spicy food at probably the ridiculous hour they were flying out.  LOL and look at those fingers!  I wonder if she ate the whole bag later, haha.
JeTi would be in perfect American harmony if Sica was eating what I thought was a Girl Scout’s Thin Mint.  But on further observation, it looks to be some sort of Korean? chocolate covered cookie.  Maybe next time Americangirls!
Sooyoung was even nice enough to stop for a picture with some HK-SONEs on her way out!  How nice of her!  Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

SNSD Solo Concert in Hong Kong a Success

As reported earlier, our girl’s flew over to Hong Kong for a solo concert as part of their 2nd Asia tour.The girls performed a blistering 32 song set which included, “Mr. Taxi”, “Oh”, “Gee”, “The Boys”, many other of their hit songs, plus their solo performances.
And of course, we know SNSD fans are always hardcore, especially in the Asia region.  When the girls performed the song “Complete”, the fans held up papers saying “you+me=complete”!!  Now that’s some dedication right there!
And a solo concert in Asia would not be complete without the coveted pink ocean!  After their performance of “Fantastic”, the last song for the night, that pink ocean came alive!
Congrats to the girl’s on their successful concert!  The next leg of the tour will be in Thailand on February 12th!

More Soshitoons To Brighten Your Day

Yes, SONEs all over the world, the awesome folks that created the comic series that somehow encapsulates what we as fans of the 9 earthly angels undergo has returned with a new episode :lol: . This time around, it highlights how we view our test/examination results ala the image of Soshi (the power of 9). Enjoy !

Official “Koala Kid: Birth of A Hero” Promotional Music Video Released

As we all know, Sunny was chosen to be the character voice for Miranda, one of the principal characters in the animated feature film ” Koala Kid: Birth of A Hero” aka “The Outback”. The movie is slated to be released in 15 different countries and tells the story of Johnny, a male koala who strives to protect their Australian natural habitat from alligators.
Sunny, together with Taemin from SHINee (who voices Johnny) did the character voice dubbing for the Korean version of the story.
Earlier, a short promotional video was released online to advertise the animated movie itself to the rest of the world ;) .
Well, with the movie itself now released across South Korea on the 12th of January 2012, what better way to accompany such an uplifting animation movie but a music video, featuring the equally uplifting song “Himnae” from our favourite 9 ladies as a backing musical track :lol: ?!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Awards that achieve by SNSD since 2007.

Nature By H.D Carberry: Analysis

The poem tells of the weather conditions in Jamaica although it does not have the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The weather conditions of golden sunny days and wet rainy days are just as good and are almost equivalent to the four seasons.
Lines 1 to 10
The poet tells about his homeland , Jamaica and rejoices the beauty of this island. Jamaica has no seasonal changes. It has a tropical climate which is hot and wet throughout the year. The days of golden sunshine are glorious and magnificent. The are many canefields in Jamaica as sugar is one of the main exports in this country.
Lines 11 to 15
In the ending of the poem, the poet tells us his favourite time – days when the flowers of mango trees and logwood blossom. He uses imagery of sound and smell to illustrate abundant life and activity in the bushes when the ‘sound of bees and the scent of honey’ add to the charm and beauty if Jamaica. He describes the fields filled with lovely yellow buttercups. All this happens when the rains have stopped and the beauty if nature emerges once again.
  • Beauty of nature
  • Appreciation of one's own country
  • Appreciate nature
  • We should appreciate what we have in our own country
  • We should not long for what we do not have.
  • We should appreciate our homeland.
  • We should appreciate the beauty of nature.
  • Appreciative and happy
  • Carefree and light-hearted
  • Sense of beauty
  • Third person point of view
  • Simple and easy to understand the language
  • Clear and descriptive
  • Simple style with no rhyming scheme
  • Imagery – e.g. ‘gold sun’, ‘lush green fields’, ‘trees struggling’
  • Alliteration – e.g. ‘sways and shivers to the slightest breath of air’
  • Symbols – e.g. ‘gold sun’ – symbol of summer, ‘rains’ – symbol of winter
  • Contrast – e.g. ‘beauty’ or summer is compared with ‘rains’ or winter
  • Figurative Language  – Simile – ‘rain beats like bullets’
  • Metaphor – e.g. ‘the buttercups paved the earth with yellow stars’
  • Personafication – ‘buttercups have paved the earth’ …  buttercups have been personified as having laid tiles
  • Onomatopoeia: e.g. 'swish'
  • Simile: e.g. "rain beats like bullets'H.D. CARBERRY

    He doesn't have the best look
    but his poem has been the 
    greatest inspiration to all :)
    When comes to poem, it is difficult for the students to
    envisage the scenario in their mind. And it could be the primary reason
    on why they dislike poem so much, oopsie. :p
    Anyway, with little help from Mr. Google,
    And with creativity juice, I have sorted out pictures
    based on my own understanding ..hopefully,
    the Nature poem will hold your hand
    and leads you to its own world,
    ready to embark? :)

    We have neither Summer nor Winter

    Neither Autumn nor Spring

    We have instead the days
    When the gold sun shines on the lush green canefields-

    The days when the rain beats like bullets on the roofs

    And there is no sound but the swish of water in the gullies

    And trees struggling in the high Jamaica winds,

    Also there there are the days when leaves fade from off guango trees

    And the reaped canefields lie bare and fallow to the sun.

    But best of all there are the days when the mango and the logwood blossom

    When the bushes are full of the sound of bees and the scent of honey,

    When the tall grass sways and shivers to the slightest breath of air

    When the buttercups have paved the earth with yellow stars

    And beauty comes suddenly and the rains have gone.