Sunday, 18 December 2011

SNSD’s Yoona reveals an embarassing story of how she ripped her pants

On the recent episode of ‘Strong Heart‘, SNSD‘s Yoona revealed an embarassing incident where she ripped her pants during a performance.
Yoona began,”Guys rip their shirts during performances on purpose, but I’ve ripped my pants accidently before. When we held the SM Town concert in the Tokyo Dome, our first performance was a dance performance. The beginning moves consisted of sitting down and standing back up quickly. As I crouched down, I heard a ripping noise. It felt weird, so I danced with small moves trying to cover my rear end as much as possible.
She then continued, “As I was changing, I realized the hole was not on the rear end area. Instead, there was a huge hole at the crotch area of my pants. I was so afraid of seeing pictures of my ripped pants online, but thankfully I saw none. Please do not upload them if you do have any pictures!

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