Wednesday, 21 December 2011

SNSD’s performance of “The Boys” on ‘Hey Hey Hey’ invokes controversy

SNSD have been caught up in an issue from their latest performance of “The Boys“.
The girls performed the Japanese version of the song on Fuji TV‘s music program, Hey Hey Hey X-Mas Special. When it was over, MC Matsumoto Hitoshi turned to his co-host Masatoshi Hamadaand pointed out that he seemed to be concentrating quite hard during the performance.
Hamada replied that it was difficult for him to follow certain parts of the song, possibly due in part to the English words sprinkled throughout the lyrics.
After the show, a few Japanese netizens advised that perhaps the girls should study up on their Japanese to make it easier for the public to understand and get to know them.
Hamada’s comments seemed to have been made in jest, but some Korean netizens felt that it was an unfair criticism and took offense. A few argued that the girls were trying their best to perform in a foreign language, which is stressful enough without their back-to-back schedules.
The issue is quickly gaining prominence on numerous Korean news portals, but it appears that it’s a matter of misunderstanding.

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