Thursday, 15 December 2011

SNSD spotted bowing 90 degrees to A Pink

SNSD was recently spotted bowing in a respectful 90 degrees to their juniors, A Pink, while at an event.
An online community board shared a video of the moment under the title, ‘SNSD Bowing to A Pink’. In a culture that’s centered around hierarchy and respect, this short moment was enough to attract several headlines, since it’s not expected for seniors to bow down to such a degree to their juniors.
In the video, A Pink greets their seniors, and Sunny and YoonA immediately respond by bowing back.
In a previous radio show, the girls once stated, “Rookie groups have a hard time approaching us so we always bow back to them in 90 degrees. It’s only been four years since our debut so we’re not in the position to be receiving bows, but bowing right with them.”
Netizens commented, “They’re not just talk, they’re action as well,” “SNSD is known for their respectfulness,” and “Very friendly atmosphere.”

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