Monday, 5 December 2011

saengil chukha hamnida KWON YURI!

And so it came, your 23rd birthday
Happy birthday, my Black Pearl !
You are cute. You are amazed. You are sexy. You are gorgeous. You are ambitious. You are elegant. You are childish.
Whatever or however you are, you are still my Kwon Yuri   ♥ Simple is you. Sophisticated is also you.
The world around is spinning because of you, I am sure, or at least I am spinning around because of your nature.
It’s your day today, enjoy it with all the best we could wish for you.
Please be always optimistic as you always are
Healthy as you always are
Trying your best as you always do
and .. even more than that
We, SONEs, support you guys no matter what happens.
We, S9+S1, are forever strongest.
May God lead you the way ahead.
New era is coming for you. Wish you all the luck.
Happy birthday ~

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