Thursday, 15 December 2011

IU – ‘Last Fantasy’

Not to state the obvious, but there’s something absolutely charming about IU. She’s down-to-earth, awkwardly quirky, and has this half-chuckle, half-snort that slays her oppa fans whenever she does it.
Yet variety-show appeal isn’t what IU wants to be known for — she’s a singer first and foremost, and the public sometimes forgets that. Consequently, skepticism mingled with anticipation when IU revealed that this album would reflect her coming-of-age (she’ll soon be turning 20, the age of adulthood in Korea).
It seems like a whimsical, if not child-like concept, and you couldn’t help but wonder — would “Last Fantasy” make a lasting impression, or would it fade away?

When you run through the tracks, you quickly understand that her title embodies the album’s concept perfectly. It’s an accurate indication of what to expect, starting with a grandiose opening track and ending with a bittersweet jazz piece. This isn’t just an ordinary collection of songs, but a true artistic album created to house an “end of fantasy” theme.
**What comes naturally with that intent is an authentic, consistent, and cohesive album in every aspect.

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