Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hyoyeon admits to feeling upset over her stage outfits

SNSD‘s Hyoyeon recently opened up about how she felt upset whenever she was dressed in a style she hadn’t hoped for her by her stylists.
On Mnet‘s ‘Beatle’s Code‘, she explained, “I never brought this up with the members before, but I did get a bit jealous when it came to our stage outfits.”
She continued, “Whenever I see pretty clothes, I naturally wanted to wear it, but it always went to another member. I was really upset over that and often thought to myself, ‘Why aren’t I allowed to wear those things?’”
“Lately, however, I place my trust in the stylist unnis and tell myself, ‘They must be dressing me this way because it fits my look the best.’”
This had actually been a concern amongst fans for some time now, and netizens were quick to point out through a series of photos posted on a community board that stylists were indeed negligent of her. Reference photos pointed out concepts where her clothes were either poorly fitting in size or bizarre in style.
Netizens commented, “It’s true that Hyoyeon could’ve been better dressed in the past“, “I still love her because she’s beautiful and confident“, and “We love her no matter what“.

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