Monday, 26 December 2011

allkpop x ‘Apple Girl’ Kim Yeo Hee

With vocals as sweet as honey, there’s perhaps no better artist to release a holiday single than ‘Apple Girl‘ Kim Yeo Hee and her latest release, “December” featuring Korean rap artist Paloalto!
For hopeful lovers all over the world, the song acts as a sweet confession of love utilizing the festive feelings of the holiday season. As a final present for her fans before she departs for her Japanese advancement this month, she’s enlisted the help of Paloalto in bringing together a song as dreamy as the white snow in her music video.
Adding to the holiday giveaway spirit we decided to do yet another giveaway. You will have the chance to win special Kim Yeo Hee merchandise + autographed CD’s! Not to mention, the beautiful Kim Yeo Hee will be picking the five winners herself!
To a chance to enter, all you have to do is,
1) Watch the “December” MV below!
2) Follow Kim Yeo Hee on twitter. (@0applegirl0)
3) Make sure to send a tweet her way on why December is a special month for you!
(Contest ends at January 2nd 2012 11:59 EST)

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