Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Simple Essay-♥I Need Your Love Forever♥

 was the reason why I think the start and the ending of my story happen at the same time. Why we must seperated with each other when we fall in love? Tell me,why it is very difficult to forget someone who always remember us? Every smile,every happiness that we used to share together before,now it's gone.
     I used to have a prince in my heart. Our story was like Romeo and Juliet or Cinderella. Unfortunately,i cannot be the princess although i have found my prince. My prince has a florist shop,and he also has an employee that falls for him. Nicky,the employee was falling in love with her own bos. Hafiz,her boss,could make Nicky dance like crazy,Jumping like a child. Hafiz love flower so much,that make Nicky attracted to him.
     One day,Nicky was running all over the florist shop. Her childish attitute never changed although she already turned 20 years old. She was too happy on that day. Suddenly,Nicky almost slippered at the door,but Hafiz quickly hold her from her back to prevent her fell on the floor. "Nicky,be careful next time",he advised Nicky. Nicky was like in seventh heaven when that incident happened. Her prince charming was come like a superhero to help her.
     Nicky was very happy. She decided to tell Hafiz about her feeling. She went upstairs to the roof section and practising."Hafiz,i love u!".She shout it happily. I was sitting next to her,but she did'nt realised i was there. Only when she realised i'm there,she screamed like a scalded cat. I told her to be quiet. i told her that i am Hafiz friends. "Please,promise me that you will not tell Mr.Hafiz about this?"Nicky beg me silently.
     I promised her i would not tell Hafiz about that. Since that day,Nicky always came to the roof and have some chat with me. I realised that she love Hafiz so much. I knew that she can take care of Hafiz. Maybe the time has come for me to..."Esya,i heard that Mr.Hafiz make her girlfried dead six years ago,is it true?"Nicky asked me,waiting for the answer unpatiently. "No,it was not true"i replied softly and hurled a smile. Before Nicky continued her job,i wish her good luck for her love.
     Kring...Kring...The phone ringing. The call was for Mr. Hafiz,but I did'nt see Mr.Hafiz anywhere. "Tasha,do you see Mr.Hafiz?"i asked the cashier of the florist shop. Tasha told Nicky that she saw Mr.Hafiz went upstairs. Nicky quickly climbed the stairs,the costumer was waiting to talk something with him. But Nicky tears falling without her permission when she saw Hafiz was hugging me. She seem very dissapointed. "Good luck for your love?"she repeated my words yesterday and run away,leaving me and Hafiz.
     "Hafiz,it is not fair for her. Look at me,i still the same person as i do six years ago. I have stop grown up.." I advised Hafiz to let me go. While Nicky ran away after she saw me with mr.Hafiz,she accidently push a table in the shop,and Hafiz wallet fell on the floor. Nicky saw a picture in that wallet,a picture of me and Mr.hafiz,before i die. Nicky understood that i were Hafiz girlfriend that dead six years ago. Nicky quickly went upstairs. "Esya,you...??
". Yes Nicky,i only a spirit,i am not exsist. The accident that happen at this roof was not Hafiz fault,the gate was broken,that's why i fell downwards. I explain to Nicky.I only came to give perfect ending to Hafiz. Hafiz seem surprise when he knew Nicky could see me. I tolk Nicky to take good care for Hafiz. It was the time,perfect time for me to go. I only want to give perfect ending to Hafiz because he love me. I kissed hafiz before i go and missing. There was only birds that flying with my souls,bring all my love for Hafiz.
     Hafiz cried."You come back for me,why you must go again?
"Hafiz screamed. Nicky realised that she cannot replace me in Hafiz heart.We were same,we found our prince,but we cannot be the princess. Hafiz,i aleady give you a perfect ending. We said our last goodbyes and never see each other again.          

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