Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Police and Thieves

Hello.. Annyeong!! Ari nie ad cite nak d kgsi pde kowg sal Traditional Malay Games.. Plik?? Biar r spew2 nak kte plik,, I don’t care!! Huhu. Prnah dgr sal pmainan police and thief.. Bdax2 mgkin au pmainan nie. Huhu.. Biar sya tlg cite.. Hehe.. Cam ad pglaman jew… Prnah main kew??? Hehe.. Jwb nyer,, xr… sy dah bsr… Opps!! Bkan bsar tp dwasa… Police and thief is another exciting traditional game played by almost every kid. It’s fun and you get plenty of exercise by playing this game.

How To Play This Game

First, divide yourselves into two groups. One group will be the police and the other will be the thieves.

Then, police will try to catch the thieves who turn, run away from the police. There would be a “house” where the thieves will be safe from the police. The police cannot catch them if there are in the “house”.
The police catch thieves by taking hold of them and counting 1-2-3. the thief will then be sent to “jail”.

The thieves that are caught in jail cannot escape until he is tagged by another thief. The game ends when the police managed to catch all the thieves.

Dipetik daripada www.anamuslim.com.my. Kaluw nak au lbih lanjut,, sla layari lman wed nie nyer.. Hehe.. Tata… Annyeong…

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