Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy Birthday Sungmin!

If you don't already know, or did not remember,
today falls on one of our beloved Suju's birthday.
I hope he enjoyed the new year's eve along with
his birthday, and that the fellow members treated
him to a cake. We are glad to see the inmense
amount of posts wishing Sungmin a happy birthday
that can be seen on the official forum.
Happy 25th Birthday Sungmin!

As for the Super Junior comeback, we are hoping
we get feedback from Super Junior M this year!
Henry Lau recently uploaded his picture with the comment 
 "Hey its been a while! How have u all been? Hope u haven't' forgotten me!!! 
Sjm comin soon! Love!" on to his twitter. This gives us hints and anticipation
that they are working hard or that they will begin working soon on the
comeback! Now comes the question that they did not have to worry
about for some time, "Who will be the next Super Junior M leader?"
Now that Hangeng left the company it leaves the spot open. It would
make sense that the leader has to know Mandarin, no?
So who do you think will be the leader, Zhou Mi or Henry Lau?

Even though some fans are still posting
in the official forums with the signature,
"SJ = 13" I hope they get it to their heads
that SM Entertainment won't be moved by this.
Super Junior, Fighting!

:"Happy New Year" from Jessica and Krystal ·

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pantai Teluk Lipat

Girls’ Generation releases ‘Time Machine’ from Special Repackaged Album of “The Boys“

Earlier in the month we reported that the ladies of Girls’ Generation would be releasing their special Japanese repackage of their latest album, “The Boys“ and the album has been released.
The album contains 15 tracks in all, including remixes of ‘The Great Escape‘ (Brian Lee Remix), ‘BAD GIRL‘ (featuring DEV and remixed by The Cataracs), and ‘Mr. Taxi‘ (Steve Aoki Remix).
Additionally, a brand new track named ‘Time Machine‘ was also included in this repackaged album.

EXO introduces martial artist member, TAO

After introducing members Kai and Lu Han earlier, SM Entertainment has brought EXO‘s martial artist to the front.
In his video clip, Tao shows off an impressive array of wushu skills, which includes a knowledgable handling of the staff and dao. SM will follow up with more info about Tao, Kai, Lu Han, and their other groupmates soon through new teasers and press releases.

Gary reveals Photoshopped wedding photo with Song Ji Hyo

Known for their on and off relationship on SBS’s Running Man, Gary and Song Ji Hyo have become a popular couple that many fans want to see together. Photoshopped images of the couple surfaced a few months back, and one wedding photo in particular became a big hit.
On December 27th, Gary tweeted the photo above and wrote, “When Suk Jin Hyung is feeling down and wants to laugh, he said to send him this photo… our reality is different… so let’s laugh… hahaha… Running Man’s last filming [of the year] was good good!! Thank you for loving Running Man!!”
The Photoshopped image revealed Gary and Song Ji Hyo dressed in wedding outfits, complete with the words, “The Wedding coming from Song Ji Hyo and Kang Gary..When life is hard on you love love don’t even forget what love means.
Upon seeing the photo, netizens commented, “such a beautiful photo ^^”, “wow…daebakk”, and “Love it! Wish it were reality”.

Korean Vegetarian Union demands an apology from KBS

Broadcast network KBS has come under fire for some “disgusting and unpleasant footage”, according to the Korean Vegetarian Union.
On the December 26th broadcast of KBS2TV‘s ‘Hello‘, singer IU was seen eating raw cow liver. The Korean Vegetarian Union felt so outraged by the footage that they demanded an apology from KBS.
On December 27th, the Vegetarian Union sent out a press release titled, “KBS, apologize for broadcasting such unpleasant and disgusting footage“, which reads as follows:
Millions of people have watched this public program with their families in the comfort of their homes. It’s a pity that food that may cause feelings of aversion and displeasure were shown without any censorship. Also, the fact that they broadcasted a show that may mislead people into thinking that animals are simply things to eat without hesitation is deplorable.
Korea’s high meat consumption has raised issues of poor health, environmental destruction, and animal abuse. Therefore, we are requesting that a broadcast that promotes meat consumption be rejected. We wish healthy and environmentally friendly vegetarian diets were made known as well as the idea of respecting animals.
The Vegetarian Union sent the same press release to the producers of “Hello” on December 27th.

IU was called a ‘pig’ during her debut stage

She may be the nation’s sweetheart now, but singer IU confessed that in the past, she had received harsh criticism while singing on stage.
On the episode of SBS TV Strong Heart‘ that aired on December 27th, IU shared a story about a time she wanted to cry on stage.
There were two times in life where I wanted to cry,” she said. Once was during her debut stage. It was a day where a lot of boy groups were performing, and a lot of girl fans were there to cheer the boys on. It was these girls that began yelling harsh things to IU. “Once one person started, all of them began joining her,” she continued, thinking back to that day. IU was only sixteen when she debuted and still had a lot of baby fat on her face, and she revealed that the girls in the audience called her a pig.
The 3-minute song felt so long and regardless of whether or not I was popular, I thought they would listen to my song, but that wasn’t the case,” she said. “After that incident, I’m not discouraged even if the audience is silent after my performance. I am strengthened by the quiet sounds of cheers.”

Melon Music releases Yearly Chart for 2011

Melon has released a collective report of the best hits on their website for 2011!


The most popular song in 2011 was none other than T-ARA‘s “Roly Poly“, being the most streamed and downloaded song overall. It’s catchy, upbeat melody and easy-to-follow dance moves have been a big hit with the fans. GG‘s addictive track “I Cheated” featuring Park Bom earned the #2 slot, while the ladies of 2NE1 secured two spots on the Top-10 list with their hit song “I Am the Best” at #3, and “Ugly” at #9.
Best Overall Hits (2011.01.02~12.10)
1.) T-ARA – Roly Poly
2.) GG – I Cheated (feat. Park Bom)
3.) 2NE1 – I Am the Best
4.) B2ST – On Rainy Days
5.) Leessang – I Turned Off the TV
6.) 2NE1 – Ugly
7.) SISTAR – So Cool
8.) 4MEN – Once In A Lifetime
9.) IU – Good Day
10.) miss A – Good-bye Baby


6 of the 10 artists on the Top-10 Most Downloaded tracks of 2011 were female, including T-ARA who came in at #1 with “Roly Poly”, 2NE1′s “I Am the Best” at #3, miss A and their song “Good-bye Baby” at #5, Davichi with “Don’t Say Goodbye” at #6, SISTAR‘s “So Cool” at #7, SECRET with “Shy Boy” at #9, and soloist G.NA rounded out the top 10 with “Black and White“.
Most Downloaded (2011.01.02~12.10)
1.) T-ARA – Roly Poly
2.) GG – I Cheated (feat. Park Bom)
3.) 2NE1 – I Am the Best
4.) Leessang – I Turned Off the TV
5.) miss A – Good-bye Baby
6.) Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye
7.) SISTAR – So Cool
8.) Kim Bum Soo – Please
9.) Secret – Shy Boy
10.) G.NA – Black and White


Infinite Challenge‘s West Coast Highway Music Festival came in at #1 on the list of most-sold albums in 2011, each track on the album breaking the top 100 song list of the year. Survival program ‘I Am a Singer‘ was obviously a huge hit this year, as two of the albums from the program have broke the top 10 list. Leessang‘s ‘AsuRa BalBalTa‘ secured the #2 spot, while GD&TOP‘s 4th mini-album came in at #3. Four of Big Bang‘s albums broke the Top-50 list of most-sold albums in 2011, displaying their undying international fame.
Album Chart (2011.01.02~12.10)
1.) Infinite Challenge – West Coast Highway Music Festival
2.) Leessang – AsuRa BalBalTa
3.) GD&TOP – GD&TOP 1st Full-Length album
4.) Big Bang – Big Bang’s 4th Mini-Album
5.) I Am a Singer – Survival ‘I Am a Singer’ 2nd Contest
6.) IU – Real
7.) Ooh La La Session – Super Star K3 Top 11 Part 1
8.) I Am a Singer – Survival ‘I Am a Singer’ Contest 3-2
9.) 4MEN – The Artist
10.) Girls’ Generation – ‘The Boys’ The 3rd Album


The girls of 2NE1 have dominated this year, successfully listing their hit songs “I Am the Best”, “Ugly”, “Lonely”, “Hate You” on the list of Top 50 overall hits at #3, #6, #16, and #27 respectively, while Park Bom’s solo track “Don’t Cry” secured the #15 spot. Altogether, the girls secured five songs on the list of top 50, while their label mates Big Bang secured a few spots on the list with songs like “Tonight”, and Love Song”. Additionally, Big Bang’s sub-unit GD&TOP secured two spots in the Top 50 with “Oh Yeah (feat. Park Bom)” and “High High”. Needless to say, it has been a fruitful year for YG Entertainment, releasing 9 hits total from group, solo, and sub-unit promotions.
IU managed to break the Top 50 with three songs, “Good Day” which was released last year and “Only I Didn’t Know” along with “Someday“. IU currently continues to dominate the charts with her new song, “You & I”. Even though both Girls’ Generation and the Wonder Girls released their albums late into the year, they performed well on the albums chart, ‘The Boys‘ came in at #10, while ‘Wonder World‘ earned the #13 slot. Programs like ‘I Am a Singer’ as well as ‘Super Star K‘ have made room for new artists to make their name known in the industry as well as creating opportunities for older artists to re-establish their reputation.